Eat rainbows.

Eat rainbows.

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8th March 2007

someone who has a single and attractive male friend please hook me up? I'M DYING.

7th February 2007

11:04pm: It's going around.
I found this post to be pretty neat, and I'm totally stealing it. I hope nobody stabs me for doing it.
How it goes, is post a comment, anonymously, no strings. Pick one or more of the following:

-how you want your life to go
-what scares you the most
-what you think about me
-how you feel about yourself, honestly
-that big dark secret you just need to tell
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18th December 2006

9:27pm: I'd just like to say
that everyone who talked shit about the readings this weekend, especially saturday night, and especially those who didn't read need to shut the fuck up and suck my dick.
this was almost everyone's first reading, and everyone did remarkably well. i think we've had enough of being torn down.
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8th December 2006

12:19pm: Everybody in Franks's 2nd period:
thanks for repeatedly making fun of the Whitman opera music, leaving class blatantly numerous times, turning the music off, and not knowing when to shut the fuck up.
He got so pissed off that not only is he taking 10 points off our whole class's essays, but he also cancelled his third period class today.
Thanks guys. Great job.
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26th September 2006

11:43pm: god kill me, please.

I miss regular sleep patterns.
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